4 beauty hacks to make your life easier

four beauty hacks that make life easier; uses for coconut oil, wet brush, boy brow glossier, cruelty free makeup, glossier pink poucheshello party people! today we’re going to be breaking down four LIFE CHANGING beauty hacks. these products are a must have for an on the go girl. check it out and don’t forget to comment down below if you have any beauty hacks i need to know about!

brow brow is the ONLY makeup product that is on my face everyday. before this i was never a girl that had makeup on every day, but boy brow is just so easy and makes me feel so put together. it’s also cruelty free! who doesn’t love groomed brows? i try brushing my brows up, but they’re a little unruly so i just do what looks best on any given day. brows make a face in my opinion, and this product saves lives.
  • glossier bags
i promise i’m not a glossier rep (even though i should be at this point? pls glossier?) these bags are soooo cute and convenient, and you get at least one with every order. i use them to organize my whole life- the larger bag is for my skincare, and i use the smaller ones as makeup bags, pencil pouches, and to organize my jewelry. there’s just so many things you can do with them! i pretty much have one on me at all times. i’ve even heard they’re good for making friends, but have never experienced it myself because glossier doesn’t ship to germany yet and not a lot of girls know about it there.
anyone else have perpetually tangled hair? i sure do. especially when my hair’s wet it’s IMPOSSIBLE to comb through, but that’s where this brush comes in. i don’t know exactly what it is, but the bristles are magic and make pulling out the knots almost painless. i’ve been using one of these for 6 years at least, and i can safely say i will probably be using one forever unless someone makes more magic happen and invents something better. the one linked is made of biodegradable plant starch, which is super cool because we all care about the planet, right?
  • coconut oil
last but not least- coconut oil. i use this as shaving cream, to moisturize after shaving, as a hair mask, and it’s great for baking- the list goes on. i usually just get the cheapest organic option at my local grocery store. what are your favorite uses for coconut oil? let me know in the comments.
thanks so much for reading! let me know if you end up trying any of these and send me pics.
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the ftb book club: the power, alias grace, get your sh*t together, and your future face

book club, books reviews, for the bitches, ftb book club

hello beautiful people, today i’m going to be talking about and reviewing four books i read recently. check it out below!

i. alias grace by margaret atwood:

i love books by margaret atwood, and this was especially gripping. i found the concept fascinating and it had so many twists and turns. i really couldn’t predict what would happen. alias grace is about a young woman who was imprisoned after killing her master, and her interviews with a doctor who is supposed to help her be released. there’s also a netflix series based on this book! i’ve seen the first two episodes so far and am looking forward to watching more.

ii. get your sh*t together: how to stop worrying about what you should do so you can finish what you need to do and start doing what you want to do by sarah knight

i needed this book and it really has some great strategies for getting your sh*t together. i wouldn’t say it blew my mind, but if you’re struggling where to start it is great. i’m using some of the advice and definitely have my life more together than i did before, not to mention it’s wittily written (beware of shit tons of profanity).

iii. the power by naomi alderman

I COULD NOT PUT THIS DOWN, i read it in a day. women suddenly get electrical power, and from there society has to change a bit. i don’t want to give much away, but this book is a thrilling read and it really makes you think (especially the end!!!) i would recommend everyone read this if you’re interested in gender equality (you should be!)

iv. your future face by dr. dennis gross with cara kagan

this is by dr. dennis gross (skincare guru) and it’s available for FREE on his website. at the beginning of the book there is a self assessment of your skin, and from there you read the chapters that are applicable. i read chapters…. there’s some pretty good tips in there (especially when it comes to diet!) and i’m going to be trying them out. comment down below if you’d been interested in a post on my results!

have you read any interesting books lately? comment down below, i always love suggestions! and if you need more reading inspiration, check out the last post i did on books. thank you so much for reading



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ethical/sustainable workout clothes

hey everybody, i hope your january’s going well so far. a lot of people’s new years resolutions (and goals in general) is to work out, sooo i thought i’d give everyone (myself included) a little inspo push with some cute and ethically made work out clothes, because what feels better than working out? looking cute while you do it.

sustainable and ethical work out clothes

i’m totally fan-girling over girlfriend collective right now. their completely transparent- all of their clothes are ethically made, their polyester is made from plastic water bottles recycled in taiwan, and even their packaging is 100% recyclable. i highly recommend checking out their website.

1.girlfriend collective cream sport’s bra

2.girlfriend collective cream leggings


mandala produces all of their yoga wear ethically and the materials are sustainably farmed and organic!

3.mandala wrap top

4.mandala black leggings

first base’s clothes are all ethically made and WRAP certified*, their cotton is 100% organic, and their high performance sports wear is made from from a fabric woven with ECONYL, which is made from things like old fishing nets and industrial plastics. pretty cool, right?

5.first base hoodie

6.first base grey sport’s bra:

cork yogi contributes towards a girl’s training course (in literacy or sewing currently) for every mat purchased, and their fair trade cork is sustainably harvested + grown.

7.cork yoga mat


it was so much fun finding amazing brands and such cute clothes for this post! i hope you enjoyed it as well.

what’s your favorite way to workout right now? let me know in the comments down below!




*not sponsored, all opinions are my own

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5 feel good resolutions for 2018

jacket: thrifted (originally from F21), sweater: thrifted, jeans: high-waisted levi’s dyed black

hey everybody! if you’re a procrastinator like me, you probably haven’t made your new years resolutions yet. i feel like everyone normally gets caught up in thinking about losing weight and making more money around the new year, and while those aren’t necessarily bad goals, i’ve written some down here that are a little more “wholesome” (such a weird word). they’re just sure to make you feel good! check them out below.

get moving!

being active is so important, not just for your body, but also your mind. i know i have more energy, think more clearly, and am happier when i workout. there are so many things to try- i really like jogging (at intervals), rock climbing, and yoga.

read more

i think reading is soooo important. no matter how fast or slow, it’s always a good thing. there’s so many types of books out there- so there hast to be something for everyone. you can learn or enjoy, and give your brain a break from the screen! i carry a book with me everywhere I go (i used to just download them of the kindle app on my phone), and read every chance i get: in a long line, on the bus, or waiting for class/an appointment to start.

keep a journal

one thing i always wish i would do is keep a journal. i did it one summer when i was twelve, and wish i had more to look back on. not only is jotting down your thoughts therapeutic, but it’s also cool to read them again and see how much you’ve grown.

spend less time on your phone

i recently downloaded an app called moment, which tracks how much time you spend on your phone a day. i spend an average of THREE HOURS per day on my phone, and i really feel the need to do something about it- and i know I’m not the only one. i want to use my time more wisely, so I’m gonna start aiming for an hour a day max. want to join me?

go vegan

whether it be for a month, one day a week, just breakfast, or completely- try going vegan! it has an incredible impact on the environment: did you know that the average vegan saves… per DAY? you CAN make a difference, and tbh most of the best food i’ve ever had was vegan. it’s really not boring! i’ll be releasing a FREE vegan eBook in January with super easy recipes. not to mention you save lots of animal babies in the process!

i hope this inspires you to make 2018 the best year yet. what are your resolutions? comment down below!



*not sponsored

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sustainable gift guide 2017: something for everyone on your list

hey babes! hope you’re all doing well. today i have a sustainable gift guide for you- and most of these items are under $30! what a steal. perfect for us students, right? all of these items are produced ethically and most of them help reduce waste, so you can give with good conscience <3

let’s get started:

string bag: this bag is perfect for the beach, shopping, or using as a purse! and it’s totally instagramable.

keep cup: i bought a keep cup around two months ago and use it every time i buy coffee. this version is lightweight and dishwashable (not to mention the colors are to die for), but there’s a ton of models!

gold bracelet: who wouldn’t love this delicate, ethically made bracelet? made from real brass so you won’t turn green, and goes with everything.

razor: this is a safety razor and while they take a bit to get the hang of, they reduce waste and save the owner money (the blades cost about 10 cents)! i will be writing a post about my experience soon, but i would totally recommend it.

sweater: the yarn in this sweater is made of recycled blue jeans! how cool is that? when the person you’re gifting can knit, then it’s a fun project, and if not you can buy it ready made.

mask and lip scrub: we could all use a little more moisture, especially in winter, so a mask is definitely in order. for those chapped lips this scrub smells (and tastes) amazing. give them separately or together! lush is 100% cruelty free and uses reusable packaging.

books: i firmly believe that reading is something everyone should do. whether you gift someone your favorite book, a subscription to audible, or a gift card to a bookstore, you really can’t go wrong! if you need book recommendations, read this post.

hope this helps! even though i just wrote a whole post about gifts, remember that christmas isn’t all about  material possessions, and cherish the time you have with family and friends. i know i can’t wait to go home and cuddle with my dog, drink coffee with my mom, and see my sister’s new house! comment below what you’re looking forward to most this season.



disclaimer: none of these photos are mine, most of them are from the websites. not sponsored, just products i love/would honestly gift someone.


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recent books: june-october 2017

the girls– emma cline
i was so excited to read this, but to be honest i don’t really get the hype? it’s about a girl who falls in with the wrong crowd (aka a cult), and she tells the story looking back from the past. it isn’t super exciting or anything, quite the contrary. if you’re into cults, maybe it’s for you?

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four major inspiring instagram accounts

hey! long time no read huh? sorry about that. i just started college and underestimated the amount of time i would be there in the first week!

this post is dedicated to some badass sustainable instagram accounts.

credits to: shia// @_wastelandrebel_


i started following this lovely lady while looking for german instagram accounts! she writes in english on her insta (her blog is in german) and now lives in canada. shia is not only zero waste, but also vegan, palm oil & plastic free, and a minimalist! #goals am i right?

credits: jazmine brown// @thatcurlytop


jazmine is a sustainable lifestyle blogger and her aesthetic is so on point. scrolling through her instagram is such a pleasure, and her blog has tons of great posts on sustainable brands and inspo. she actually inspired me to write this post because she started a series on her blog called sustainable highlights, doing interviews and reviewing companies, “because everyone can make an impact, whether big or small.” (her wise words)

credits: anita vandyke// @rocket_science


anita has a zero waste instagram and is based in sf (bonus points for living in my home town). she always has themed months and tips for every day! september was self care and october is eco luxe. if you think insta is about the captions, definitely check her account out.

credits: lauren singer// @trashisfortossers


lauren is SUCH an inspiration if you’re looking to reduce your waste. she has a blog, youtube channel, zero waste laundry detergent company, and a package free store in brooklyn. she was the first account i ever found promoting a zero waste lifestyle, and having followed her for a couple years now i can absolutely say i’m proud to have been along for the ride!

i hope this post helps you kick start a more sustainable lifestyle, thanks so much for reading. do you have any favorite sustainable accounts? if so, leave the link down below!


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cleansing with good conscience: skin care routine

today we’re gonna be talking skin (one of my fav topics). i’m obsessed with skin care, always have been. 

it got a little out of hand a couple months ago though. i was having some skin problems (most likely from diet) and instead of trying to heal it from the inside out i was trying to fix it with products. products are definitely helpful, but they fix symptoms, not problems. let’s just say my skin got a little pissed and i had to do a product detox.

after not using anything for a month or so (except sunscreen because UV rays give me anxiety), i’ve finally found a routine that keeps my skin glowy while not over stimulating it.

like my mom says (why are moms always right?) simple is best. she also recommended i stick with one product line (which has been working so far- even though not 100% of my products are the same brand) 

here’s my new routine:


-cleanse with milk jelly cleanser  (cf+v)

-apply drop or two of super bounce (cf+v)

-apply neogen sunscreen* (MY RIDE OR DIE, smells good + spf 50, cf) 


-cleanse with milk jelly (every other night or so i add some exfoliating powder**) 

-apply drop or two of super bounce

-moisturize with priming moisturizer 


this has been keeping my skin happy these last months, even though i still have some little bumps on my forehead. anyone know how to get rid of those? they drive me nuts.

now that i’m back home i’m going to clean up my diet and hopefully that will clear those right up.

what are your skin care tips and fav products? let me know in the comments below or comment on my latest instagram. 



*may be vegan

** purchased before i went cruelty free/vegan, emailed company on cf status

this post is not sponsored (but like hey glossier, can i become a rep?), and all opinions are my own.

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5 ways to live a more sustainable life

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the package free shop

hey bitches, lately i’ve been thinking about how much WASTE i produce. the average american produces 4.4 pounds A DAY on average. that’s crazy! if you’re like me and wanna look out for mother nature a little better, here are some tips to incorporate in your daily life.

1.donate or sell or repair old clothes 

have old clothes you don’t wear? consider donating them or selling them at a flea market, or on an app like depop. as that old saying goes, one man’s trash is another mans treasure! and if you have a rip in a shirt or a broken zipper, don’t just toss it, get it repaired. repairing it is way cheaper than buying a new one- and better for the environment! 

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best vegan eats in hawaii (big island)


conscious culture cafe

did you know hawaii is pronounced hawai’i? i learned that listening to the radio while i was there (lol). anyways, now that i’m gone i’m really missing the food. they have healthy + delicious down pat on the hilo side and there’s kombucha on tap everywhere.

here are some of my fav restaurants we visited:

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